Why I Quit My Full-Time Job

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

You may be aware, but I recently ended my employment as Business Development Manager for the Manufacturer of Data & Communication Equipment. Do I miss It? Yes, sometimes I do, but then I remember why I chose this path in the first place.

It was always my dream to own my own successful business; Whilst others were saving every last penny and living on 2 minute noddles to survive I could never get on board. Of course I want to own a home, but my business will be stablished first. Well, once I started the business I really had no excuse anymore. I was turning down work constantly to work for someone else at almost a fifth of the earning potential. I also had a lot of support from those around me and I told myself daily that if others could believe in my work then why couldn't I.

So here I am, writing my first blog which will allow you to get to know me better as I grow and learn more about myself and the version of me we named "Cece Thicc".

Ex oh,


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